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Enjoy our debut single "Deadweight"! Learn the words, and share it with your friends :) Check out the lyric video here:

Recorded and mixed by: Christian Matute: Matuteo Studios
Mastered by: Mike Sahm


You build me up just to break me down
I offered friendship but you turned around
Threw me facedown, I'm done being misled
The old me is dead

Everyday, everyday is the same
They give no thanks, but instead return my favors with shame

They always seclude me
I'm not a slave, I'm a human being
No one is safe from me
I'm evil to a whole new degree

They say you're molded by your surroundings
Well, what I'm becoming is nothing astounding
This deadweight has left me drowning

If you want me to drown
Then I'm taking you with me

Tearing, fading, I am degrading
I am falling apart at the seams
Just like my heart seems to be

Everything that I once was now just isn't me
Kindness is just a shell of who I used to be

Torn and jaded, I'm completely degraded
This deadweight on my heart of glee
Has left me completely submerged at sea

I'm lost with no ship for safety
Not even someone to come fucking save me


released September 12, 2014



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Distinguisher Nevada

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